Painting Services Aurora

1 Day Painting Services

Would you be interested in 1-day painting services in Aurora, Ontario? It’s intriguing, isn’t it? Having the home painted in just one day is amazing! Right? No more waiting for days or changing your routine for weeks! The painting service can start and finish within one day.

What’s the catch, you wonder? There’s no catch. Not when you entrust the 1-day service to Painters Aurora. It’s all about trusting the right people with the job.

1-day painting services – Aurora’s best team makes it happen

1 Day Painting Services Aurora

Let us tell you how we make Aurora 1-day painting services possible. In one phrase, it’s all about new technology, the selection of house painters, and the overall organization of the team. The sum of these things is what makes it happen.

Even if this is a large house, we simple send a bigger team of Aurora painters. Like with all painting jobs, we talk about everything and agree on all things beforehand. And when the day comes, the pros come out fully prepared and fully organized to prep and paint as needed. That’s our secret: good preparation, excellent organization, full attention to each project, and enough painters. This is certainly not a one-home-painter-Aurora job.

Getting ready for the one-day painting job

The secret lies in the good preparation. Before anything else, a home painting contractor comes over to explain how things are done and answer your questions. As we do with all projects, we inform potential customers about the process. The appointed contractors take a look at the surfaces and evaluate the extent of the job to provide the needed consultation and estimate. There’s no charge or obligation. But if you agree to assign the job to us, we lock the date and the painters take over.

Painting a home in 1 day

When the right number of painters take over and these are well-prepared and experienced painters, Aurora jobs are completed in one day and the results are above all expectations.

During the first assessment, the painting contractor makes a note of details that will become useful in case you entrust the job to us. And so, the painters come prepared to paint specific materials – hence, bring the right painting coatings and the requested finishes with them.

Due to the team’s excellent preparation, the surfaces are first prepped. And they are prepped well. The pros fill cracks, patch holes, and address all imperfections while cleaning and sanding surfaces. When the prep phase is over, the surfaces are level, clean, and flawless. Once a surface is prepped, it’s primed and painted. By the end of the day, the project is completed without affecting quality at all.

With top-class painters, Aurora homes are well-painted in 1 day

You can have your home painted in only one day without missing out all the fixes that are usually done in long-term projects. So, if you keep postponing a painting job due to lack of time or want a painting job done and over with ASAP, this one-day service is perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more and why not book a no-obligation, free estimate and consultation. If you like the idea of 1-day painting services, Aurora’s most experienced company is ready to take over.