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Deck Painting

Our company is at your service if you want to schedule a deck painting in Aurora, Ontario. We understand that before you book the painting job, you need to know more about the process, the cost, the color options, and the way things are done. Don’t you? Don’t worry. We always do that. In fact, you can message your service needs to Painters Aurora and make an appointment for a free estimate and consultation.

Experienced in deck painting Aurora team

Deck Painting Aurora

To start with the basics, we are available for deck painting Aurora services. That’s the important thing. On top of that, it’s equally important to mention that we are experienced with wood and composite decks. And if we are talking about real wood, you can be sure of our expertise in all wood species. Why do these things matter, you wonder? They matter when it comes to prepping the deck, choosing the paints, and doing the job.

With all the above out of the way, let us now focus on the deck painting service. The process is easy. You tell us that you want the deck painted and make an appointment for the evaluation of the deck’s condition, an estimate, and a color consultation. The painting contractor shows up as scheduled and helps you decide on color, finishing options, and all things about the service. If you decide to trust us with the job, a deck painter comes to your home as previously arranged. That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

Deck repairs precede deck painting

Before they actually prime and paint a deck, the pros fix its imperfections. If it’s time to paint the deck, the deck has likely seen better days. There’s usually a number of problems with the boards, the fasteners, the railings, and other components. And whatever is wrong, the pros fix it before the painting starts. Even if the deck flaws are minor, they are still fixed and the surface is sanded to become as smooth as it should be for the proper adherence of the painting coatings. And since only suitable paints are used for the exterior and the material in question, whether this is a composite or wood deck painting job, it’s properly done.

Deck painting and deck repainting services – good prep work every time

It’s clear that the service involves several steps – or tasks, if you wish. Before painting a deck, the pros fix and sand. They also prime as needed. They let dry as needed. All tasks before the actual application of the paint color are done thoroughly, even if you want a wooden deck stained and not painted. Then again, you may need a painted deck repainted.

Yes, we are at your service if you want to book deck repainting. The prep work is the same. The painters address imperfections and this time, they also scrape the old paint and sand the deck before they clean, prime, and paint it. So, don’t worry about the way the service is done or your service options, for that matter. If you want the deck finished, we are the team to contact. Drop us a note or give us a call and say that you want in-Aurora deck painting and worry no more.